Moves across Alberta, BC, Canada and to the USA

Long-Distance Moving from Edmonton by Right Move

Whether your new home is near or far from your old home, moving is a chaotic experience. Why not reduce the stress with professional movers?

The movers at Right Move have the experience and training to secure your valuables, protect your home, and deliver your cargo on time. Choose us as your local and long distance movers in Edmonton.

We provide long distance moving services across Canada and USA. Our expert movers will help you plan and organize your move from A to Z, including road conditions, provincial / state regulations, applicable taxes and all the paper work related to the moving process. Simply give us a call, let us know where you are moving from and what is your destination. Our friendly crew will do the rest.

Our trucks are well equipped with all you need to make your long distance move safe and quick. Your cargo will be secured for all the time. All of our trucks are also equipped with GPS system, so you can track your belongings at any time.

Long distance moving includes all Canadian provinces and US states. If you have any questions, our consultants are available 24/7 at (780) 901-0405.


Looking for an Edmonton Moving Company?

If you're thinking about moving to or from the Edmonton Area, call Right Move today at (780) 901-0405, or use our handy estimate form.

Frequently Asked Questions About Long Distance Moves

1) Can you guys move my BBQ?
A: Yes, we can move your BBQ, but not your propane or other gas tanks. Also, make sure that your BBQ is clean and has it's protective cover, otherwise there's going to be a mess and your other items will get dirty.
2) I live in an apartment building, can I reserve the elevator for the move date?
A: You should be able to. Talk to the superintendent / manager of the building and let them know that you'd like to book elevator access for your moving date. Confirm that it's reserved. The move will take longer and be more expensive if the movers can't use the elevator.
3) Do you move potted plants?
A: Yes, but because of extreme cold or heat, it's probably not a good idea if your plants are sensitive or fragile.
4) To speed things up, can my Uncle Buck & Aunt Shirley help with the move? They're very strong!
A: They can certainly help you pack and move your items using their own truck. Our expert movers function best as a crew. They'll know in what order to best pack, load, and fill our moving trucks. Thanks for the offer, though.
5) Can I ride upfront with you in the moving truck?
A: Sadly, no. There are legal and insurance reasons why we can't allow that. You can ride with Uncle Buck & Aunt Shirley.