Some Commonly Asked Questions About Our Moving Services

If the question that you are looking to have answered is not in the list below, please send us an email or call us at (780) 901-0405.

Q: Can I fill my drawers with clothes or small items?
No. We recommend that you empty your drawers. You can, however, leave the drawers themselves inside the dressers.
Q: Can the movers disassemble my furniture?
A: Yes, but within reason. We can usually take apart beds, desks, and tables. We've got the tools for it, but if the furniture is glued together, or the screws are stripped, then there's a chance that we will not be able to dissassemble it. If the item is an antique, or very old and fragile, and there's a chance that it might break, then it's probably a good idea to not try and take it apart.
Q: Can the movers hoist my couch or other furniture?
A: Yes, but not always. Every situation is different. Our moving crew can hoist your furniture unless they feel that it's not safe, or damage to the item or house may occur.
Q: Can you remove my TV from the wall?
A: We can remove the TV off the bracket, but we might not be able to remove the bracket off the wall or later install it at the destination.
Q: Can you guys move my flat screen TV?
A: Yes. Your TV will be transported safely. We actually have special moving boxes for flat screen TVs that we sell exactly for this type of thing.
Q: Can you guys move my BBQ?
A: Yes, we can move your BBQ, but not your propane or other gas tanks. Also, make sure that your BBQ is clean and has it's protective cover, otherwise there's going to be a mess and your other items will get dirty.
Q: I live in an apartment building, can I reserve the elevator for the move date?
A: You should be able to. Talk to the superintendent / manager of the building and let them know that you'd like to book elevator access for your moving date. Confirm that it's reserved. The move will take longer and be more expensive if the movers can't use the elevator.
Q: Do you move potted plants?
A: Yes, but because of extreme cold or heat, it's probably not a good idea if your plants are sensitive or fragile.
Q: To speed things up, can my Uncle Buck & Aunt Shirley help with the move? They're very strong!
A: They can certainly help you pack and move your items using their own truck. Our expert movers function best as a crew. They'll know in what order to best pack, load, and fill our moving trucks. Thanks for the offer, though.
Q: Can I ride upfront with you in the moving truck?
A: Sadly, no. There are legal and insurance reasons why we can't allow that. You can ride with Uncle Buck & Aunt Shirley though :)
Q: What should I do if I have a complaint?
We take great pride in our movers and the services that they provide, but we're always eager to listen to our customers. This includes negative feedback. If ever our services fail to meet professional standards, or if one of your items is damaged during a move, please contact us ASAP. We'd like to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Our phone number is (780) 901-0405.