Friendly, Respectful, and Reliable Moving For Our Friends 65+

Seniors Moving Service in Edmonton by Right Move

If you're a Senior in the Edmonton area that's looking for a friendly and reliable Seniors Moving Service, please call Right Move at (780) 901-0405. We'll respect you, and your belongings, and help ensure a safe move to your new place. Ask us about our Seniors Discount!

If you're downsizing because the kids have moved out, and you don't need those five extra bedrooms, we can help. Your new place might be smaller, so we can move your most important belongings there now, and place the rest of your items in storage until you're ready to retrieve them. If you have any furniture or items that you're not interested in keeping, we can also help you in the following two manners. The first is for Right Move to transport and dispose of your old beds, dressers etc… at the dump. The second is to deliver any of your antiques, or items of value to Auctioneers, and then deliver your cheque to you.

Our Edmonton seniors moving service agents understand the relocation needs of seniors. We take special care to ensure that all of your valuables arrive at your new home in the same state as they were at your old residence.

You don't have to do it alone. Why stress yourself with packing and loading everything when Right Move can provide expert moving assistance for our senior clients. As we're a full-service moving company, we'll do it all:

  • Furniture Disassembly / Reassembly Services
  • Furniture Moving
  • Packing / Unpacking Services (Full or Partial)
  • Loading / Unloading Services
  • Furniture Removal / Disposal
  • Antique / Furniture Delivery to Auction
  • Climate-Controlled Storage (1 Month Free)
  • Delivery of Moving Boxes and Packing Supplies (Free)
  • Piano / Organ Moving Service
  • Last-Minute (24 Hour) Emergency Moving Services

If you need help planning a move, contact the Edmonton Senior Moving Pros today, get a FREE moving estimate (no commitment), then take advantage of our Seniors Discount. In Edmonton, we're known as one the best moving companies that help senior citizens downsize.

Greater Edmonton Area Moves

Right Move's moving services are available anywhere in the Edmonton area, long distance in the province of Alberta, or across Canada. Here's a list of the most commmon locations for services in the Edmonton region:

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the cheapest time to hire your movers?

The cheapest time to hire our movers is on a weekday in the middle of the month. That's when we typically offer our best rates.

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Interac e-Transfer, Bank Draft, and Money Orders.

When do we pay for the move?

Payment is required half an hour before the moving job is completed.

Is your moving company insured?

Yes, all of our workers are coverd by WCB.

Are you really an Edmonton company? Where is your office located?

Yes! We're a proud Edmonton, Alberta moving company. Our office is conveniently located at 12257 Fort Road NW, and our phone number is (780) 901-0405.

Do you have secure storage?

Yes! Right Move has clean, climate-controlled storage … and we don't even charge you for the first month. That's right, the first month is free!

Do you own and use your own moving trucks, or are they rented from someplace else?

All of the truck that we use are our own. Right Move is the legal owner, and our name and information is on all the trucks' documents.

What sizes of trucks do you have and which one will you use for my move?

We have different sizes of trucks: 24, 26, 28, 32, and 53 ft trucks. For your move, we'll use the most appropriate and efficient truck for your items.

Do any of your trucks have tailgates?

Yes, all our trucks have tailgates and ramps.

Do you have a dolly in the truck?

Yes. All of our trucks have dollies, hand trucks, ramps, and tale gate to ensure moves that are not only safe and smooth, but also fast.

Are your moving trucks clean? I don't want my items to get dirty from the truck.

Yes, of course. All of our moving trucks are clean and well-maintained, inside and out (please checkout the pictures of our trucks, here on our website). We need our trucks to run well so that we can give you great service.

Do you provide a loading service? What about an unloading service?

Yes, we do offer both services, actually. We can load and / or unload your items for you. Just let us know how much (or how little) help you need.

How many movers will arrive to handle my move?

That depends on the size of the move. If you'd like to request additional sets of hands, we can accomodate that, just let us know beforehand.

Are your movers professionals?

Yes. Right Move is very selective of the movers that we hire to join our team. We're very careful to only select workers that are clean, professional, yet friendly and polite.

Do your movers wear uniforms?

Yes, all of our company workers are clean and wear company uniforms.

To speed things up, can my Uncle Buck & Aunt Shirley help with the move? They're very strong!

Unfortunately, we cannot actually allow you inside our moving trucks for legal and liability reasons. They can certainly help you pack and move your items using their own truck. Our expert movers function best as a crew. They'll know in what order to best load and fill our moving trucks. Thanks for the offer, though.

Can we help unload the truck?

Yes, but once again, we cannot allow you inside our moving trucks for. Once outside our trucks however, you can transport your items inside your house or garage.

Can I ride upfront with you in the moving truck?

Sadly, no. There are legal and insurance reasons why we can't allow that. You can ride with Uncle Buck & Aunt Shirley though :)

Do you do packing? How about unpacking?

Yes, we can do packing or unpacking if our customer requests it. Just let us know.

Can we do our own packing?

Yes. Pack as much or as little as you like and we can take care of the rest; we offer full and partial-packing services.

But what about glass, marble, ceramics, and other fragile itemes? Can you pack those?

Yes, of course! We always bring all the necessary packing materials with us in the moving truck. We can take care of that.

Can you wrap my furniture?

Yes. All our trucks carry between 50 and 200 moving blankets. We want to make sure that we have enough so that all of your furniture is padded and protected.

Do you charge for blankets? How much extra is it?

Actually, we do NOT charge extra for blankets; it's free!

Do you have moving boxes in your truck?

Yes. Besides moving boxes, we also stock blankets, wardrobe boxes, linen, china, book boxes, tapes, mattress bags etc…

Do you charge for boxes?

Yes. We charge for moving boxes, and packing supplies, but blankets are free.

Can I fill my drawers with clothes or small items?

No. We recommend that you empty your drawers. You can, however, leave the drawers themselves inside the dressers.

Can the movers disassemble my furniture?

Yes, but within reason. We can usually take apart beds, desks, and tables. We've got the tools for it, but if the furniture is glued together, or the screws are stripped, then there's a chance that we won't be able to dissassemble it. If the item is an antique (or very old and fragile) and there's a chance that it might break, then it's probably a good idea to not try and take it apart.

Do you transport live plants?

In the winter, and colder months, NO. Plants are fragile, and there's a good chance that they will die. In the summer, we can transport them, because we know for sure that the plants will not be damaged.

Can you guys move my BBQ?

Yes, we can move your BBQ, but not your propane or other gas tanks. Also, make sure that your BBQ is clean and has its protective cover, otherwise there's going to be a mess and your other items will get dirty.

Can we follow the moving truck from one location to the destination? Can the moving truck follow us?

Not a problem. We can follow you (just don't drive too fast), or you can follow us.

If I no longer want my old furniture, can you dump it for me?

Yes, absolutely. For a fee, we can take any of your old furniture, appliances, mattresses, garbage etc … to the dump.