Here Are Some Moving Tips to Help Your Relocation

Although it can be exciting when moving to a new house, it's also true that preparing for it can be a pain in the butt. To make things less stressfull, it's a good idea to follow some tried and true moving tips.

  • It's a good idea to start planning your move as early as possible. As soon as you have a possession date, call your mover and book a moving date. Give yourself plenty of time to plan your move. There are always surprises and this will give you some wiggle room.
  • You don't want to pick cheap moving boxes and packing tape. You have to choose the right packing materials if you want the boxes and containers holding your valuables to remain intact and in one piece.
  • Don't start packing the day before your movers arrive. Everything should already be fully packed and organized before your movers arrive.
  • If you're going to move a freezer or refrigerator, remove everything from them and defrost them at least day before your move. (Optional) order pizza.
  • If your items are heavy, don't pack them into large boxes. Smaller boxes are best as they'll be easier to carry, and the cardboard won't be strained.
  • Don't be shy about calling your mover a day or two before the scheduled date. This gives you a chance to go over the finer details and confirm the booked moving services. If you forgot to mention something important when you first got your estimate, now's the time to do it.
  • It's not a good idea to transport liquids along with your other belongings during a move. If leakage occurs, it's going to ruin your other items.
  • Labeling is a really importantant and underrated part of moving. It makes things much easier when you can identify boxes at a glance. Use thick Sharpies and write in big bold letters.
  • Make sure to clearly label the boxes containing your fragile items. We want to make sure that these guys are only placed on top of other containers.
  • Also, don't just label the tops of the boxes, label the sides as well. More important than writing the contents of the box, you should write the destination area. Where do you want those big lugs to take your stuff? Write "Kitchen"!
  • Don't immediately plug-in your electronics after a cold winter move. Give it a little time for their temperature to reach room level. (Optional) while you're waiting … order pizza.
  • Your most important documents, and expensive valuables should stay with you and be at hand and during the move.
  • Make sure that your cell phone is charged before you begin your move. A battery pack is also useful to have.
  • Your mover should have your cell phone number as well as a backup number, just in case they need to reach you. Verify that they have these numbers.